SoundCloud x Kia - A Source of Inspiration

For the KIA x SoundCloud branded content piece, I was responsible for securing location, crew, and kit. 

I also managed the budget and created the schedule, all the way through to post. Co-ordinating all aspects of production, including risk assessment and post (edit, grade and audio), I ensured that we delivered multiple assets in a timely and precise manner.

We are currently in early post for part 2 of this project.

Dave "Starlight" MV

As the production manager for Dave's "Starlight" music video, I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the production, from sourcing locations and coordinating the crew, to managing the transport, cast and props for the tight turn-around time.

My ability to work under pressure was demonstrated as I successfully completed all tasks required and delivered the final product on time. With my background in producing branded content, shorts and music videos, my experience in managing budgets, call sheets, risk assessments, insurance and permits served me well in this role.

My skills in sourcing location, talent and managing post-production were also key in bringing this video to life under the producer for the project.

POCC x Netflix - The Harder They Fall Promo

Working with POCC, I produced all 4 and directed 1 branded promo short for Netflix's "The Harder They Fall" 

My expertise in sourcing locations, crew, and managing post-production helped me deliver a high-quality final product that met the client's requirements. 

My ability to work under pressure, coupled with my creative vision and ability to adapt to unique concepts, meant that I could take on the director and producer role, a day after being on set for this project as I was initially hired as an assistant producer.

Guido Mösch - SAUERKRAUT

For graduate designer, Guido Mösch and his debut collection, I produced the independent fashion short "SAUERKRAUT".

 I was in charge of sourcing locations, casting, crew and managing the budget for the project. I was able to handle all aspects of the production efficiently and on schedule. My skills in sourcing talent and crew were also key in bringing the project to life.

My experience in budget management and my ability to work under pressure were also beneficial for this role.

Ego Ella May "YoYo" MV

As a director and associate producer for Ego Ella May's "YoYo" music video, I was responsible for developing the concept, and managing the post-production process.

This was my second time directing for Ego Ella May and I was excited to take on this new challenge and bring my creative vision to the project. I was able to work closely with the producer to bring the concept to life.

Joya Mooi "Good Girl" MV

As the director and producer for Joya Mooi's "Good Girl" music video, I developed the concept, sourced locations, coordinated the crew and cast, and oversaw post-production.

I worked closely with the artist to ensure their vision was reflected in the final product, and my experience in location sourcing, crew and cast coordination, and post-production helped ensure a smooth production process.

Kwaku Asante "Sunday" MV

As the producer for Kwaku Asante's "Sunday" music video, I was responsible for sourcing cast and locations across London over a series of days.

No Signal's 2022 Yearbook Campaign - Stills Producer 

As the stills producer for No Signal's Yearbook music campaign, I had the privilege of working with an amazing group of creatives to bring the 2022 Yearbook campaign to fruition.

 12 Black artists from all over the world and across genres: Arya Starr, Black Sherif, Cat Burns, Cristale, Dreya Mac, FLO, GloRilla, Knucks, M24, Nemzzz, Nia Archives, and Skillibeng. 

I was responsible for producing stills that captured the essence of each artist and the campaign. This was the celebrate and give flowers to artists for the work they have already done in their career, as too often TIPS are about what's next and not even realised yet.

I worked closely with the No Signal team to ensure that the final product was a true representation of the campaign and the artists. It was a great experience to be a part of such an important campaign and I was proud to have had the opportunity to work with such talented and diverse creatives.

Ego Ella May "Tonight I'm Drowning" MV

For Ego Ella May's music video "Tonight I'm Drowning," I was responsible for supporting the production team in various tasks. 

This included helping the art department, live band and prepping set. 

"Ebony" - Branded Short Doc

I had the opportunity to work as a production assistant for a short documentary on Ebony, the steelpan band filmed around the time of  Notting Hill Carnival. My responsibilities included supporting the production team by coordinating schedules, organizing equipment, and assisting with logistics.

I also helped with set-up, breakdown and on-location filming. I was also involved in researching and pre-production meetings. I am honored to have been part of this project, which highlighted the talents and contributions of the steel pan band and the Notting Hill Carnival culture. 

Jords f. Kida Kudz - "So It Go" MV

As a production assistant for Jords "So It Go" I assisted the production team with various tasks, such as coordinating and organising. I also helped with set up and breakdown, and assisted with the logistics of filming. 

I was responsible for ensuring that the production ran smoothly and efficiently.

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